Course Location: Antalya 

Training Duration: 45 Hours - 9 Days

A trainer must be confident, specialized in presentation techniques with high interactive communication skills.

Technical competence alone makes no sense in teaching.We may fail to teach even the subjects we know very well particularly due to inadequacy in effective presentation and information transfer. Becoming an instructor with common sense, acquiring the skills of gaining and motivating challenging participants, being a good role model and successful preparation for presentations in education are among the subjects shared with the participants in the Turkish Ministry of National Education approved train the trainer training certificate program.

Aim of this course

To be able to form an interactive, memorable and enjoyable training program by learning and understanding 

the basic principles and learning models of adult education and also to provide effectiveness in training presentations and manage challenging participants by designing effective educational content and visual materials.

Who should participate in this training ?

The train the trainer program approved by the Turkish Ministry of National Education is a training program that aims to bring in all the knowledge and skills required for the purpose of becoming a successful trainer by improving themselves much more in the fields of their capabilities and knowledge. 

The trainees who successfully pass the training completion exam of the authority are also entitled to receive a training completion certificate approved by the Turkish Ministry of Education.

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