Telepathy Academy is the authorized ground school for Sevenair Academy which is an approved training organization registered with the Portuguese Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC). ANAC is a member of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the licenses issued by ANAC are valid within all EASA member countries like UK, Germany, France, etc. Having many years of expertise in pilot training, Sevenair Academy offers an integrated course including ATPL, CPL, ME, IR, and MCC which combines ground school courses and flight training delivered in accordance with the EASA requirements.
Based in the heart of southern Turkey; Antalya, Telepathy Academy has its head offices and ground school training facilities in Antalya and Istanbul. Sevenair Academy carries out its flight operations at Cascais Airport and Portimao Airport, in Portugal.
We believe the easiest way to get to Antalya as an international student is by flying to Antalya International Airport directly or via connection through Istanbul International Airport. As for the flight training, you can fly to Lisbon (Portugal) and take A5 road to Cascais, close to Lisbon. Portimao is located in southern part of Portugal. There are various ways to get there and we would surely assist you.
Once you have reviewed all of the information we send you, the information at our website, and the information gathered by speaking to our admissions director, we would recommend that you book a visit to our School. You can arrange such a trip by contacting us.
Depending on country regulations, usually a secondary school or a high school degree is sufficient to obtain a professional pilot license. Pilot admission testing will be conducted prior to any course commencement. Subjects covered are Personality, English, Mathematics and Physics. If Personality test is not passed, no training can be offered.
Requiring correction to your vision is not an automatically disbarring factor from a career as an airline pilot. The requirements are; distant visual acuity, with or without correction, shall be 6/9 or better in each eye separately and binocular visual acuity shall be 6/6 or better. For an initial examination the refractive error shall not exceed +/-6 diopters. For more information we recommend you to contact an approved Aeromedical Center (AEMC).
Having some form of color blindness does not necessarily prevent you from having a career as an airline pilot, provided that you can pass acceptable color perception tests (predominately red/green perception). For more information we recommend that you contact an approved Aeromedical Center (AEMC).
There are no height limits that will affect you in qualifying for a civilian professional pilot license. In case if you are particularly short or tall, less than 5’2″ (157cm) or over 6’6″ (200cm), you would be well advised to clarify which aircraft you would fit into and be able to reach all the controls comfortably. This would identify whether your height would limit your career prospects in the future.
First check to see if you meet our entry criteria listed in our entry requirements. Before you can enroll at Telepathy Academy, you will attend a pilot assessment process. This assessment is designed to assess an applicant’s overall suitability for the pilot career. It typically comprises different aptitude tests. The results of this assessment will give you the best indication regarding your suitability for a career as a pilot.
Everyone that meets the minimum entry criteria may apply. Telepathy Academy maintains equal opportunity standards that prohibit discrimination based on gender, race, religion, age or national origin. With regard to non-EU cadets, being accepted in our course for flight training, means you will be able to apply for a student visa. So far, our success record is 100% in obtaining visas for our students.