Training Locations : Antalya

Who Can participate in this training?
People with minimum age of 18 years having at least a high school diploma or equivalent, good knowledge of English language proper height and weight correlation, and a health status suitable for flight.

Applicants who meet the prerequisites and have a career plan in Civil Aviation Cabin Services.

 Aim of this training

 To train qualified staff who will work as cabin crew in airlines by acquiring Cabin Crew    Initial Training Certificate.

Training Duration : 1 Month

 Cabin Crew Attestation Certificate will be issued in accordance with STH CC for trainees who successfully   complate the Cabin Crew Initial Training. The trainees who successfully pass Turkish Ministry of Education   Training Completion Exam are also entitled to receive Turkish Ministry of Education Training Completion Certificate.


Our foundation provides initial trainings for cabin crew candidates who will be employed by our contracted company, Turistik Air Transportation Corporation.

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